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Ian Crawford is a change agent, awakening transformation in emerging leaders so that they can fulfill their vision for their future. Ian brings over 30 years of experience in the public and arts management sectors. He has been a Senior Executive, professional mediator, and in-house coach for a large public sector organization.  He understands the needs of clients working in large organizations.  Ian was also the CEO of a nationally recognized symphony orchestra.  Ian played a lead role in aboriginal relations in Ontario helping to mediate and resolve major conflicts.  He helps high performance individuals and teams to be stronger, more focused and more successful in attaining their goals.

Ian's clients include seasoned professionals and executives taking on new challenges, new managers, and people transitioning to a new role.  Ian partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to unlock their personal and professional potential.

Ian is also a paid keynote speaker and has presented at conferences across Canada on topics such as motivation, goal setting, procrastination, bias, and luck.  His talks are inspired by proven academic research aimed at bringing out the very best in people.  Ian’s blog has been viewed by nearly 300,000 people and has earned him a place as a Top Writer on

He is a member of the International Coaching Federation, a certified Myers Briggs TI practitioner and certified mediator, giving him unique qualifications to help resolve conflict in an inclusive way.

Ian has helped me remain mindful of the effects of my choices. Especially, as my decisions relate to my core values and competencies. My efforts to increase my discipline as I pursue my career goals have increased exponentially since I started implementing Ian's coaching strategies. 

-John Roldan, Vice President of Research and Development

“Ian has a wonderful warm style of coaching and mentoring that is very conducive to team building towards common goals. He has the unique skill set to weave between the politics, the optics and the reality of given problems and to achieve common ground through his leadership.”
- Bob Graham, President and CEO

“His insights come from a long executive career and his genuine interest in people and how to help them grow professionally and personally.  If your goals include, relationship and career satisfaction, personal and professional growth and advancement, this is the right coach for you (and/or your team).”      - Darlene Dove, Program Coordinator

Ian, You have been a huge help in the last three months since we began coaching. I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of my business. You've helped motivate me to go after what I want. You asked the right questions at the right time to get me thinking "Maybe I should take this next step in my career," which I have done resulting in a noticeable difference.   

- Cory Clarke, Profesional Entertainer

"Ian has a thoughtful and inquiring knack for getting right down to the root of an issue and brainstorming practical solutions that are easy to implement"

– Deanna Guttman – Executive Director